Doblò Cargo

Model overview


    Optimum performance and maximum driveability

    MultiJet II

    Always one step ahead

    The Doblò Cargo is available with the innovative 1.3 MultiJet II 90 HP engine, which ensures excellent performance, quiet running, reliability and respect for the environment. Designed to offer lower fuel consumption and running costs, this engine guarantees:

    • 56.5 MPG (5.0 l/100 km) in the combined cycle, 58.9 (4.8) with Start&Stop;
    • service intervals of 21,000 miles;
    • 133 g/km CO2 emissions, 126 with Start&Stop.

    The 1.3 MultiJet II 90 HP belongs to the new generation of MultiJet engines: an innovative fuel feed system with faster injectors capable of multiple injections in rapid sequence – up to 8 per cycle - optimising combustion for

    • increased power with polluting emissions reduced to a minimum;
    • lower noise levels.

    These engines are also lighter, meaning higher load capacity, thanks to:

    • their simpler construction;
    • their 40% fewer components.

    Bi-link Suspension

    Optimum comfort and capacity

    The New Doblò Cargo uses independent wheel Bi-link rear suspension which ensures:

    • increased driving comfort;
    • greater stability;
    • maximum safety whatever your load.

    Thanks to the adjustability of its components, the suspension is specifically calibrated
    according to the function of the vehicle.

    Standard versions (750 kg capacity):
    • best performance to weight ratio;
    • specific setup for optimum dynamic behaviour.
    Maxi Versions and increased capacity (1 ton):
    • 1450 kg maximum permitted load;
    • longitudinal trailing arms and specific cross bars;
    • antiroll bar and specific setup for excellent dynamic performance levels in all load conditions.
    Technical data