Doblò Cargo

Model overview

    Range and load capacity

    So many great solutions for transporting your work

    Standard Van

    Practical, robust and functional in every situation
    • Load compartment length 1820 mm.
    • Load compartment width from 1518 mm to 1714 mm.
    • Height 1305 mm.
    • Volume 3.4 m³.
    • Payload from 750 to 1005 kg.

    Maxi Van

    35 cm more length and a record payload
    • Load compartment length 2170 mm
    • Load compartment width from 1518 mm to 1714 mm.
    • Height 1305 mm.
    • Volume 4.2 m³
    • 1005 kg payload.

    High Roof Van

    Even more height, even more space
    • Height 1550 mm.
    • Load compartment length 1820 mm
    • Load compartment width from 1518 mm to 1714 mm.
    • Volume 4 m³.
    • Payload from 750 to 1005 kg.

    XL Van

    High roof, long wheelbase, extra space
    • Height of load compartment 1550 mm.
    • Length of load compartment from 2170 mm.
    • Width of load compartment 1714 mm.
    • Volume 5.0 m³.
    • Payload of 1005 kg.

    Doblò WorkUp

    Made to measure for your work, made to measure for cities
    • 2.3 m long, 1.82 m wide and 4 m2 of surface area for transporting up to 3 Euro pallets or 33 crates of fruit.
    • Body with marine plywood platform and shaped folding aluminium sideboards.
    • Pole/ladder rack with load securing hooks to hold up to 300 kg.
    • External storage compartment with lock, located under the load compartment, for stowing tools up to 2 metres long.
    • Side access step to facilitate access into the body.
    • Folding steps located inside the sideboard.

    Chassis cab with load platform

    An ideal base for conversion, perfect to meet all your working needs

    Designed to be transformed according to your specific needs: refrigerated van, mobile workshop, container with high or low backboard.

    • 2 versions available: short wheelbase (2755 mm) and long wheelbase (3105 mm).
    • Record maximum permitted axle load from 1200 kg *(front) to 1450 kg (rear).
    • Maximum body length of 2285 mm (2795 mm for the long wheelbase version), maximum body width of 1870 mm.
    • Platform length 1765 mm (2115 for the long wheelbase version).
    • GVW from 2210 to 2505 kg.

    * on 1.6 and 2.0 MJt versions

    All types of vehicle body can be easily adapted to fit the body shell; a specific interface for electrical systems may also be requested.

    Load compartment

    BEST IN CLASS load capacity
    • A wide and even space with smooth surfaces, free from protrusions.
    • Up to 2170 mm in length
    • Up to 1550 mm high and 1714 mm wide.
    • Load capacity from 3.4 to 5 m3
    • Width between wheel arches 1230 mm.
    • Panelled floor with 6 load retaining hooks and inspection plug.
    • Washable, waterproof PVC load platform.
    • 5 types of partition (panelled, panelled and soundproofed, glazed, glazed and soundproofed and ladder).
    • 2 service lights, one above the sliding door and the other above the rear door.
    Technical data