Ducato Goods Transport

Model overview

    Range and load capacity

    A huge variety of combinations, for endless transport solutions


    Generous in volume, generous in payload
    • 3 wheelbases, 4 lengths, 3 heights
    • 8 volume options, from 8 to 17 m3
    • 3 sizes of sliding side door and rear door.
    • GVW options from 3000 to 4250 kg
    • payload from 1100 to 2200 kg
    • Maximum load on the front axle up to 2100 kg
    • Maximum load on the rear axle up to 2500 kg
    • 2 different ranges, the Ducato and the Ducato Maxi with reinforced suspension and 16” wheels.

    Crew Van

    Designed to carry your crew
    • 3 lengths, 2 heights
    • double row of seats to seat up to 7 people
    • GVW options from 3300 to 3500 kg
    • volumes of 3.6 - 8.3 m3
    • designed to make room for your crew
    • pipe storage compartment 1.1 m long under the rear seats

    Load compartment

    Always our strength
    The load compartment is square and even, and every last bit of space can be used:
    • it is between 2670 and 4070 mm long
    • and up to 1662 to 2172 mm high
    • the width between the wheel arches is 1422 mm, meaning 1200 mm Euro pallets can be loaded quickly and easily
    • the floor can be protected by a highly resistant plywood cover
    • the interior walls can be covered in thermoformed plastic panels
    • to fix and retain the load in place, 4 securing hooks are available at the sides of the load compartment, as well as several anchoring points on the flatbed
    • a bright interior is guaranteed by the 15 W ceiling lights - an additional 12 V power point inside the load compartment is also available on request, as well as a removable rechargeable ceiling light.
    The partition between the load compartment and the passenger compartment may be panelled or glazed with sliding glass.
    The robust and reliable original flatbeds are produced using state of the art materials and technologies:
    • the load platform, 2 m wide and 2.8 to 4.2 m long, is crafted from Scandinavian timber and treated with phenol resins to ensure an anti-slip surface which is highly resistant to abrasion
    • the side boards are made of aluminium profiles, making them undeformable and light for optimised payload, 40 cm high and fitted with an access step.
    The load area ranges from 4.9 to 8.5 m2.


    You can make the most of every last centimetre of space when loading your goods

    A nearside sliding side door comes as standard with an off side sliding door available upon request.


    • the upper slide rail is designed to facilitate opening and closing the suitcase-style handles are easy to grip.

    The load compartment is extremely easy to access via the rear doors:

    • the doors are over 1.5 m high on the low roof version (H1), almost 1.80 m on the high roof version (H2), and over 2 m on the extra high roof (H3) – all the way to the roof line.
    • There are two opening options 180° and 270° , for easier movement around the vehicle in confined spaces.

    Self-levelling suspensions
    To keep you level at all times , irrespective of load weight and arrangement, thus increasing safety and driving comfort .

    Allows you to raise or lower the load platform when the vehicle is parked in order to:
    • make the handling of your goods easier
    • improve the ramp angle or the passing of an obstacle beneath the vehicle.
    Technical data