Model overview


      The Talento comes with a range of the latest EURO6 engines:

      -1.6 MultiJet / Ecojet 95 Hp 260 Nm
      -1.6 MultiJet 120 Hp 300 Nm
      -1.6 Ecojet S&S 125 Hp 320 Nm
      -1.6 Ecojet S&S 145 Hp 340 Nm

      The 1.6 Diesel engines benefit from a variable geometry turbo or Twin Turbo.
      The Twin Turbo with Start&Stop system helps the Fiat Talento to achieve better emissions and consumption for low running cost. The double stage turbocharging allows: a flexible driving, an instant pick-up and strong power at high speeds.
      The first turbo delivers high torque from low speeds to ensure excellent response at mid-range acceleration, while the second turbo takes over at high speeds to boost power for smooth, powerful acceleration.​
      Technical data