• The new Show Camper Van will be featuring at the German motor show: high-performing and comfortable, it is perfect for sporty, adventurous customers who want to go off the beaten track.
  • Outfitted on a Ducato camper base, with extended overhang and high roof, the 4×4 Expedition is the result of the collaboration with top-quality recreational vehicle furniture maker Tecnoform. Also involved in the project are Dangel for the four-wheel drive system and Olmedo for body customisation.
  • ‘Opening new roads’: Fiat Professional, maker of the base preferred by manufacturers and customers in the Camper Van segment, is reaching out to new customer types with the goal of expanding a sector which today amounts to over 25% of Europe’s motorhome market and continues to grow. 
  • With the Show Camper Van, not to be marketed, Fiat Ducato is reasserting its position as the first-choice base for motorhome manufacturers across Europe.


The Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition Show Camper Van will be featuring at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf (Germany), the world’s most important event dedicated to caravanning and open air tourism open from August 28 to September 6. Fiat Professional, European leader in camper van bases for recreational vehicle conversions, could not miss it. After having been displayed in preview at Düsseldorf, the Show Camper Van will be travelling to the most important specialised shows at Parma (Italy), Le Bourget (France) and Birmingham (UK).

With this one-of-a kind vehicle, Fiat Professional confirms its know-how and aims to   open new roads for the campervan segment which stands over 25% of Europe’s motorhome market and is in constant growth. Built on the bestseller, Fiat Ducato camper base, long wheelbase configuration with overhang and high roof, Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition is designed for adventurous people seeking a vehicle which is high-performing and agile on the road and has a large, comfortable living space and more interior height than usual allowing to stand up in it.

Another strength of the model is its remarkable handling ease: driving like a car, it is safe, enjoyable, offers great visibility and comfortable seats.

Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition is equipped with a 2.3 150 HP engine, which is best-in-class for efficiency and emissions, last-generation Multijet II and standard ‘Gear Shift Indicator’ function allowing to reduce fuel consumption. Combined with the four-wheel drive developed by Dangel, it makes tackling the most demanding roads straightforward.

On the outside, the Show Camper Van features a two-colour paint job in two shades of grey, a raised, widened ride and plenty of Ducato Camper customisations, like a front skid-plate and LED DRLs. The outfit is completed by a front winch and roof-rack, which is fully equipped for holidays off the beaten track and can be walked on in part, meaning it can be used as a handy outdoor space at over two and a half metres from the ground. Smart technical solutions enhance its versatility and reassert its strong character.
Partners of excellence

Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition is the result of a collaboration with well-known experts in the sector: Tecnoform for the interiors, Olmedo for the exteriors and Dangel for the four-wheel drive system.

Tecnoform is the leader in interior furniture for motorhomes and yachts and known for integrating top-end materials, design skills, efficient production and sophisticated logistics. Over the past twenty years, Tecnoform has set the trends for recreational vehicle interiors in terms of style, technology and comfort and will be celebrating its 50th anniversary with Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition.

The interior design is characterised by clean lines, essential streamline furniture and use of high-tech materials to create a lounge-like atmosphere for perfect relaxation at the end of an intense day outdoors. In an ambiance where elegance meets practical construction solutions and use of top-end materials, technology plays an important role in integrating design ideas and conveying an overall feeling of cosiness and happiness inside. For instance, Tecnoform has created a lighting system integrated in the furniture units and a last-generation entertainment system with multiple speakers and two retractable flat screen TVs. Sophisticated comfort gives way to functionality in travelling configuration. The furniture tops are provided with a sort of ‘lid’ which elegantly conceals the real destination of use of the units to enhance rational organisation and streamline shapes.

Four-wheel drive expert Dangel, with more than 35 years of expertise in the field, designed the 4×4 transmission system of the new Show Camper Van with the goal of enhancing its adventurous, non-conventional character. More in detail, the permanent all-wheel drive system with viscous coupling combined with a special raised ride and oversized tyres allows to tackle all surfaces safely and confidently.

The exteriors were designed by Olmedo, a company where craftsmanship and ingenuity meet to satisfy the needs of the most diverse customers. Olmedo’s goal is to provide solutions for improving transport conditions and special outfits for various uses, also for the mobility impaired, to guarantee freedom of movement, comfort and safety.

Opening new roads

Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition was prepared for customers with a sporty, adventurous lifestyle who want the best technological contents. This is why the outfit includes tablet holder with USB port, touchscreen Radio UconnectTM NAV integrated the navigation system, rear camera and LED DRLs. The Fiat Ducato camper base is extremely eclectic and marketed in several countries worldwide. This year it won the prestigious Arctic Test.

Strong of these premises, the vehicle is opening to new customers and exploring new roads by suggesting a more extreme, versatile use. The Fiat Ducato camper can go anywhere and wants to learn how to serve customers even better. Considering the importance of this new, growing customer segment, in addition to the daily feedback collected from everyday contacts with motorhome owners and producers, Fiat Professional is analysing the market to stay abreast of new trends and keep running in the front. For instance, visitors to the Fiat Professional stand will be invited to fill in a questionnaire to learn more about their expectations in terms of products and services for motorhomes. You can answer the same questions by going to the https://www.fiatcamper.com website.
Fiat Ducato: the only base created to be a camper

For many years, the features of the Ducato Van are winning for motorhome owners: a square, box-shaped rear compartment, in which every centimetre can be cleverly exploited to make all the space available for holidays. Fiat Ducato has an excellent turning-circle to facilitate manoeuvres. The compact front end and the cab have an extremely small overhang to the benefit of handling which allows to optimise the available living space.

A strength of the model is its peerless comfort: safe, enjoyable driving; comfy ‘Captain Chair’ style seats with integrated headrests, adjustable steering wheel and hydraulic power steering. Finally, many active and passive safety devices allows to travel with peace of mind.

The Ducato base is leader in this sector and the first-choice chassis for all European motorhome manufacturers: in the last 10 years, over 500,000 families safely and confidently travel and enjoy their holidays in a Fiat Ducato base motorhome. With many years of experience under its belt, Fiat Professional offers a full range of services dedicated to Fiat Ducato base motorhome owners for preparing their trips, exchanging experiences and intervening promptly wherever needed.