FIAT Professional unveils the new lineup: a new generation at work

FIAT Professional unveils the new lineup: a new generation at work

FIAT Professional continues its successful path with the launch of a new generation of vehicles at work: Ducato, Doblò and Scudo 2024 make their debut with new electric powertrains, new design, new connectivity systems, next generation ADAS to support the business of the future with innovative, sustainable, and electric mobility solutions.


Olivier Francois, FIAT & FIAT Professional CEO and Global Stellantis CMO, said: “For 120 years, FIAT Professional’s mission has been to stay close to our customers, emphasizing dedicated networks and solutions. As part of the Stellantis Group, we aim to enhance partnerships by leveraging a larger network, expanding beyond our leadership in Europe and South America to new regions like MEA. In 2024, we’re introducing a renewed lineup, including the FIAT Professional Ducato, Doblò and Scudo. These vehicles represent the next generation, offering innovative, sustainable, and electric solutions to support future businesses. FIAT Professional has a history of pioneering greener and more efficient technologies, notably with our flagship, the Ducato, which has been a true leader on the market for 8 consecutive years from 2014 to 2021, thanks to its constant evolutions and innovations. Today, we’re excited to announce the 1st in-house Ducato BEV as part of our ongoing commitment to a better future. Our focus remains on creating mission-friendly and inclusive mobility solutions for all.


With over a century of history, FIAT Professional is a benchmark in the commercial vehicles industry, thanks to the high efficiency and reliability of its vehicles, a wide range of customized solutions and its dedicated


network always at the side of its professionals. A pioneer in making technologies greener and more efficient, today FIAT Professional is a leader in the LCV e-Mobility Revolution, always being “one step ahead” of the competition.


The only brand with a dedicated platform developed for “converters” and specific services for motorhome owners, FIAT Professional is also a leader in Recreational Vehicles, honored by a plethora of accolades. The true star of its sector, the Ducato motorhome base vehicle represents a technical evolution that perpetuates the tradition of success of a model continuously produced since 1981. The flagship model of the FIAT Professional range wears its 40-year history with pride, having already pushed the boat out in 2023 to celebrate its status as the “Best Motorhome Base Vehicle 2023” by Promobil for the 15th time in a row and “Best Camper Base” by the readers of Auto Zeitung.


The new FIAT Professional range was presented in Italy at Balocco – Stellantis Proving Ground, as part of the event “Stellantis Commercial Vehicle Ambition Day”, a milestone in Stellantis’ strategic plan. It was the ideal opportunity to reveal the strategy and ambitions of the global Commercial Vehicles Business Unit, together the revamped C-Van, D-Van, and E-Van product line of all brands.


New Ducato MY24: a winning project

Ducato is a global model sold in more than 80 countries worldwide and one of the best-selling models in recent FIAT’s history, with more than 3.5 million vehicles produced in over 40 years. Thanks to its constant evolutions and innovations it has become a leader in its segment, achieving 8 consecutive years of market leadership from 2014 to 2021 and collecting continuous commercial successes. Its design and efficient concept together with its versatility have made it one of the most reliable and appreciated vehicles for both professionals and converters. And once again this year, the Ducato has been elected best Camper base.


The New Ducato is aimed not only at confirming its leading position, but also at improvement to ensure it is always ready for every mission and to fulfill all its clients’ requirements with a multi-energy approach thanks to a fully new electric version that comes with new safety, comfort and technology contents. It features a completely “in-house” electric version which boasts best in class range together with a brand-new exterior and interior design. The new Ducato is offered at a reduced price of -25% to make it accessible to everyone, in line with the Brand’s mission of being close to customers.




Multi-energy Powertrain

Always “one step ahead” of its competitors, the Ducato “relaunches” the challenge in the commercial vehicles sector with a fully new electric version to respond to market trends and a growing industry; and with a renewed range of diesel engines to fulfill all its clients’ requirements in terms of performance, reliability, reduced fuel consumption and CO2.

One of the major innovations brought by the E-Ducato 2024 is the new 110-kwh battery which ensures a best in class zero emission experience thanks to its autonomy up to 420km* in the WLTP cycle, that makes the E-Ducato a top-performing within its category and offering +30% of range compared to the previous one.               A new power unit capable of releasing up to 200kW of power (270hp) combined with 410Nm of torque completes the new powertrain system along with the battery.


The charging system is also completely new and presents two standard onboard chargers, capable of accepting up to 11kW AC or up to 150kW DC for fast battery charging in as little as 55 minutes.


The new E-Ducato is equipped with a particularly high-performance power unit, and three driving modes – Eco, Normal, Power – which ensure the perfect balance between performance and range (customizable by the driver) through different acceleration and top speed profiles depending on the chosen driving mode. The E-coasting level can be selected through specific paddles on the steering wheel to choose between the most of regenerative braking or the freewheeling mode.


The extensive line-up of diesel engines is confirmed with the latest generation of MultiJet engines, compliant with Euro 6E regulations, always at the top for performance and durability: 6-speed manual transmission paired with three power levels (120, 140, 180 hp) and new 8-speed automatic transmission in combination with 140 and 180 hp. The Heavy-Duty range with Euro VI Step E homologation is articulated in the two power levels 140 and 180 hp, both combined with 6-speed manual transmission and the 8-speed automatic transmission.


Moreover, also thanks to the introduction of several aerodynamic improvements, the new Ducato ensures a reduction in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 by up to 9% compared to the previous generation. This, without sacrificing the renowned performance of its powertrain capable of delivering up to 450Nm of torque, a best-in-class value in its segment. And no matter which engine customers choose, the new Ducato maintains its cargo load capacity of up to 17 m3 and payload of up to 1.500 kg.



HMI improvement: Technology

Thanks to the new electric architecture, the new E-Ducato also introduces a full array of new ADAS. The Full Brake Control System, Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Departure Warning, Attention Assist, and Intelligent Speed Assist become standard on all versions, all the way up to the Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-

Go function, Lane Centering and Traffic Jam Assist, which maintains active control over the vehicle’s trajectory, taking traffic conditions into account. The combined use of these last three ADAS allows the new E-Ducato to achieve level 2 autonomous driving, in which the vehicle autonomously assists the driver during acceleration, braking, and driving, making the E-Ducato, as well as the diesel version, the safest commercial vehicle in its segment.


Onboard comfort

Turning to the interior, a real “revolution” on the new E-Ducato is underway in the cabin, aimed at improving quality of life on board and practicality of use, that now gets all the improvements of the latest Ducato: Keyless Entry and Go become standard feature on the electric version– to lock and unlock the cabin and load compartment doors and start the engine without the key; electric parking brake as well to reduce clutter in the cabin and facilitate relocations; the 10” radionavigation system, 100% connected thanks to new specific EV-features that support EV interaction and the central 7” full digital cockpit complete the standard equipment of the new E-Ducato. A rearview camera with dynamic gridlines becomes the standard parking aid on all electric and diesel versions as well.


The refreshed interior design is embellished with a redesigned dashboard and steering wheel, new more functional and spacious door panels, able to store all kind of useful objects, and new single zone automatic climate control system. The standard seats on the full electric version come with high level fabric and a new

design to improve comfort and ergonomics, while the new electric power steering adds precision and handling in all driving and load conditions.


In addition to these standard features, the new E-Ducato will offer the following contents aimed at improving the working lives of professionals and enriching their driving experience: wireless charger; dual USB A + C for charging smartphones; a 230-volt high-voltage power outlet centrally located on the dashboard and easily recognized by all front seat occupants; heated windshield with internal electric heating element for quick defrosting. The Digital rearview mirror and 360° parking sensors come as a further help when driving and parking blind or fully loaded vans.




Exterior updates, both on the electric and internal combustion engine version, have been concentrated on the front of the vehicle, with the purpose not to modify an overall aspect that is considered among the best looking in segment. Major refresh involves the entire front grille of the Ducato, that now features new bumpers, new skid plates and an innovative front grille with modern design in body color for FIAT, aimed to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

The E-Ducato now offers Full LED headlights, enhancing its nighttime visibility while imparting a contemporary and assertive appearance. The exterior refresh is further complemented by updated rear headlights featuring black accents and new logos.


New E-Doblò and New Doblò: the renewal of a bestseller

Thanks to ingenious and innovative solutions that make driving in the city less stressful and much safer, the new Doblò is the ideal partner for all professional workers. Both the Doblò and E-Doblò maintain their attractiveness adding new additional features that answer customers usages and new mobility needs: renewed design, optimized driving pleasure and safety, upgraded BEV version with a range up to 330 km and a heat pump for a better efficiency and driving comfort.

Versatile, spacious, flexible and fit for everyone’s needs, the new Doblò offers no compromises combined with modernity and convenience. The updated E-Doblò offer drives the change on the BEV market while keeping current generation leadership.


Less carbon footprint, more efficiency

The new Doblò aims to make a statement in the world of e-mobility with a new generation of BEV equipped with an increasingly efficient 100% electric motor that offers an impressive range of up to 330 km in the WLTP combined cycle and zero CO2 emissions while on the road. The vehicle’s overall efficiency allows the driver to reach a top speed of 135 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 11.2 seconds.

The new BEV version is also equipped with paddles for regenerative braking selection, available in three levels so that the customer can choose the preferred regenerative braking level. Three driving modes are available to enhance the performances of the new E-Doblò: Normal, Eco, and Power.


Making its debut on the new E-Doblò is also the innovative heat pump that improves passenger comfort while contributing to the vehicle’s efficiency and thus to its range.




Thanks to a 7.4 kW on-board charger and an optional 11 kW three-phase charger, the new E-Doblò enables efficient charging regardless of the available infrastructure. The standard DC fast charging offers up to 100 kW of power allowing to recharge 80% of battery capacity in 30 minutes.


With the same body types and loading space as the thermal versions, the E-Doblò has been designed to bring professionals greater performance for their day-to-day work.

The new Doblò also comes with the Magic Plug, a useful electrical socket that allows customers to have the right power for several specific usages, such as connecting a tool, a mobile workshop, or any other power systems up to 400V.



In terms of safety, the primary advancement lies in the improvement of the groundbreaking Magic Mirror, which is now equipped with a new digital rearview mirror. This is achieved through the incorporation of two cameras—one positioned beneath the right-side rearview mirror and the other above the rear doors. These cameras feed three distinct views onto the new digital rearview mirror, enabling the driver to execute maneuvers with enhanced safety.

A full offer of ADAS becomes standard on both the Doblò and the E-Doblò to provide the best comfortable and safe journey, including among others Intelligent Speed Assist, Lane Keep Assist, Driver Attention Alert, Advanced Emergency Braking System. In addition, as optional, the Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop Function will now be available for even more safe and comfortable driving.



The new Doblò comes with a new front style and new headlights with an ecoLED version plus extra body colors such as Volare Blu and Toscana Green (only for the combi version) and a new logo on the rear side.

The interiors have been renewed with a new style for the steering wheel including a new FIAT logo and new upgraded seat fabrics. The entire interior space of the new Doblò has been adapted to customers’ most specific needs, offering different seating and storage configurations that will provide them with maximum flexibility during driving and transportation. Great attention is also given to acoustic comfort, reducing the average noise.


Connectivity and Infotainment

The new FIAT Professional Doblò also features new connectivity and Infotainment technologies to help customers face their daily work challenges with efficiency. As one of the main innovations, the Smartphone


Station allows the driver to command every infotainment device on its smartphone by using the steering wheel buttons or vocal commands. Also available on the new Doblò is the 10” Radio Touch, which enhances the driving experience thanks to the combination with a rearview camera.

Furthermore, the new 10” Uconnect color touchscreen radio improves the quality of infotainment and features an integrated navigation system to show all the needed points of interest. It is also compatible with

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™ and combined with a 10” full color digital and improved display with the possibility of customizing information.


New Scudo: Multifunctional, Smart and 100% Electric

The new Scudo takes another step toward excellence in serving professionals with a revamped design, improved efficiency, state-of-the-art connectivity, and more sophisticated driving aids. The van also retains the robustness, versatility and driving pleasure that have made it a benchmark among professionals.

The new Scudo is a modern and evolved vehicle available with a 100% electric powertrain and with last generation diesel engine. To meet the needs of a mixed range of customers made up of real professionals, who live their vehicle first and foremost as a work tool and a source of income, the new Scudo comes with a series of features to make it the best in its class.



In terms of aesthetic, it comes with a new front style and redesigned full-LED headlights, plus the brand-new body color Titanium Grey. The interiors have been refreshed in the central part with a totally refurbished cluster, a glovebox to storage objects and a cup holder, redesigned shift knob and steering wheel.


The driving position of the new Scudo has evolved significantly for greater comfort and practicality. The dashboard and steering wheel benefit from a new design. The digital instrument cluster and large 10” central touchscreen ensures that the interaction between humans and vehicles is both comfortable and effective.

Storage spaces are increasingly spacious, especially at the top of the dashboard and on the center console. The ingenious design of the cupholders at the ends of the dashboard allows customers to position their smartphone in an upright position.


Compact on the outside, big on the inside

With a height of only 190 cm, the volume is significantly spacious and possesses outstanding load-bearing capability despite the compactness of the vehicle’s exterior: up to 6,6 m3 of cargo capacity and up to 1.4 ton of payload. The comfortable driving position and the compactness of the Scudo allow customers to have


a stress-free workday, even on longer journeys: comfortable as driving a car. The new Scudo van range includes different versions, lengths, and load solutions to meet professionals most specific needs.

The new Scudo boasts a state-of-the-art system for loading bulky materials that further highlights the unique versatility of the model.

With the Magic Cargo functionality, professionals will be able to extend the loading area: up to 3.67 m in the standard version, and a maximum of 4.02 m in the Maxi version. In addition, it is possible to adjust the front seat and use it as a table for computer and tablet or a support for having lunch in maximum comfort. Moreover, the new Scudo comes with several functional compartments, such as the greater upper central storage, larger cup holders on both the left and right side, and a larger storage in the central panel, with space for 2 smartphones, one of which has an inductive charger (the latter available as optional).


The Scudo has always been synonymous with comfort and versatility and professionals can choose between a comfortable bench with a large and hidden storage compartment or individual seats to manage each space independently. Among all the solutions that the new Scudo has to offer, it is possible to choose the front passengers’ seats that best suits the needs of every worker.


Electric without compromise

Thanks to its new electric engine, the new E-Scudo will make professionals experience an uncompromising new level of performance. The 100-kW electric engine, and the immediately available torque of 260 Nm, ensure in fact optimal performances in any load situation, allowing the driver to reach a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

The new E-Scudo offers a smoother and more responsive driving experience that allows customers to move freely even in areas close to traffic and city centre. Charging times are also reduced and, of course, carbon footprint is almost zero.

To optimize range, the new Scudo is equipped with a regenerative braking system that can be activated according to four different regeneration patterns using the paddles located behind the steering wheel.


Customers can also choose between two battery sizes, 50 or 75 kWh, according to their needs. The 50-kWh battery provides autonomy up to 224 km (in the WLTP mixed cycle) of maximum autonomy guaranteed.

The 75-kWh battery maintains the same speed and maximum torque, while ensuring the remarkable threshold of 350 km of maximum range in the WLTP mixed cycle.




A wide range of state-of-the-art diesel engines is also offered on the new Scudo, with three power steps and dual transmission available: manual or 8-speed automatic. The electric version benefits from up to 1.25 tons of payload while the diesel version boasts up to close to 1.4 tons.


Over the Air interconnection and new Infotainment: connectivity and driving assistance to improve efficiency

The new FIAT Professional Scudo comes equipped with new connectivity and infotainment features that are essential to help professionals to better face the day-to-day challenges of their work. New storage, particularly suitable for one or more smartphones, complete the new equipment.

The standard radio is equipped with a 5” touchscreen DAB radio with one USB port integrated. Plus, the driver will be able to make and receive phone calls without taking its attention off of the road.

The premium infotainment system, available with or without integrated navigation, features a 10″ color touchscreen display, a DAB car system, an MP3 player, 4 USB input and WIFI connection. In addition, the predisposition for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™ systems allows customers to stay connected to their smartphone safely and without being distracted from driving. Apple CarPlay also features Siri voice control, and it also works with vehicle’s controls: knobs, buttons, touchpad, or touchscreen. All the apps supported by CarPlay have been designed to be used easily and in an accessible way, so that the driver does not need to take his eyes off the road. With Android Auto™, all apps are shown on the radio screen interface, allowing the driver to access all content and use Google Maps and Google Play Music safely and easily.


In terms of driving assistance systems, the new Magic Mirror is a new function that displays on a new digital rearview mirror two different views so that the driver can perform any maneuver safely. The images come

from two cameras, one under the side right mirror and one above the rear doors. This provides rear view while driving and side view on blind area right side, helping professionals with their daily maneuvers. A unique tool that allows the system to give the driver a perfect view of the rear of the vehicle but also of the areas surrounding the vehicle on the passenger side.


The new Scudo comes equipped with standard Advanced Driver Assistance Systems aimed at ensuring the utmost comfort and safety during the journey. These systems include features such as ISA, Intelligent Speed Assist with speed limit Recognition, Driver Attention Alert, Lane Keep Assist, which can detect road edges even at higher speeds and issue both audio and visual warnings if the vehicle is veering out of its lane. Additionally, it features an Emergency Braking System equipped with pedestrian and cyclist detection, along with Intelligent Speed Assist to assist drivers in adhering to speed limits.


Optimized working and travel times with new Connected Services

Always close to its customers as a true business partner, FIAT Professional provides fit-for-mission solutions to improve everyday work and help customers never interrupt their business and optimize it. This is also why the new Ducato, Doblò and Scudo will be 100% connected and are equipped with UconnectTM Services, that make the vehicle even more efficient.


Thanks to the Send&Go functionality, customers can send their destination to the Infotainment system beforehand directly from their smartphone, and easily reach it thanks to the navigation system provided, while always staying informed of the remaining charge of the battery.


With Fiat App, it is possible to manage several functions remotely, such as locate the position of the vehicle and lock and unlock its doors. For more comfort, the cabin of electric vehicles can be preheated in cold weather or cooled on very hot days. Connected services also allow customers to communicate the GPS position of their vehicle and get in contact with an operator to receive assistance, if necessary, or receive a real-time notification in the event of attempted theft or kidnapping of the vehicle.

In addition to E-Call, all vehicles come with an exclusive standard preventive maintenance package. And by connecting to the Fiat App or the FIAT Professional web portal, it is possible to get the vehicle information: a good way to anticipate maintenance periods.


Completing the offering are “fit for mission” connectivity packages that can meet a wide variety of customer needs, from sole proprietorships to large fleets. To optimize working and travel times, 3 levels of Connected


Services are available for fleet managers. The first level, referred to as task management, allows fleet managers to create a list of tasks to be accomplished by the driver during the day including time, destination, and other useful details. Once the tasks are assigned, the driver receives a notification on the vehicle and can access the complete list of tasks. In addition, the driver will also be able to send his destination directly to the navigator or send updates on tasks progress to the fleet manager.

The second level, Task management with route optimization, in addition to the basic service, tasks are reordered through an algorithm to reduce traveled distance. For electric vehicle fleets, there’s the third level, Task management with route optimization for EVs includes all the features of the previous levels but goes a step further. The algorithm evaluates whether the vehicle charge is sufficient to perform the assigned tasks and, if not, it inserts a stop between different tasks to charge the vehicle.

These “fit for mission” pack features can be managed through the Free2move portal.


Charging & energy management

To support Fiat Professional LCV customers, Free2move Charge offers a 360° integrated charging ecosystem that delivers tailormade and seamless EV charging and energy management anywhere and in anyway. Customers can access to different charging solutions at home, at the workplace and on the go, including hardware, software, installation and services thanks to recommended partners. Making it easy to Always Be Charged (the e-ABC Promise), Free2move Charge also makes it smart, understanding users’ needs and optimizing overall energy management to improve efficiency, reliability, and access, reducing the total cost of ownership and maximizing environmental benefits.