From €57,484

Electrified Without Compromise

Give a new level of power to your business. The new E-Scudo electric van offers a broad range of engines: up to 330km^ maximum range, a maximum speed of over 125 km/h, reduced charging times, and zero CO2 emissions whilst driving. A new smoother, more responsive driving experience allows you to move with ease, even in areas close to traffic and city centres. Choose the battery that best suits your business and save charging time: up to 100 kW with DC charge. And all this without any compromise on volumes. The new E-Scudo guarantees the same load capacity as the ICE version: up to 1200kg of payload.

^75KW battery in combined WLTP cycle

Scudo Dimensions

External length (m) 4.96/5.3
External height (m) From 1.89 to 1.94
Load volume (m3) From 5.3 to 5.8
Load compartment: maximum length (m) From 2.51 to 3.67
Load compartment: maximum height (mm) 1.39
Load compartment: width of rear door (mm) 1.28
Load compartment: PPT (tons) From 2.6 to 3.1
Seats 3